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Entry: Ludum Dare 36: The Finished Game

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Ludum Dare 36: The Finished Game

30th August 2016


The Ludum Dare 36 game jam ended last night. My brother and I didn’t have a particularly productive third day, but managed to get our game to a point where we were happy with it.

Main points of development on the final day were:

  • Adding music to the game. I gave my brother the genre of ‘Ancient Greek Arcade’, and he actually managed to work with it to come up something half-decent;
  • Adding sound effects to the tiles and to the pedestals. These were recorded in our garden and then edited using Audacity, a free audio editor and my tool of choice for creating audio;
  • Finishing up the sprites, including the tiles, vases, and boulder spawners.

I’m pretty happy with what we managed to produce. It’s not completely polished, and could probably do with further SFX, but when I remember that it was all done in the space of three days I do feel proud. You can find the game page for Boulderama! here, or click here to play the game.