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Year: 2019

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New Release: Test Chambers

17th September 2019

Over September 6-8, I participated in the GameDevHQ September Game Jam. I was in the process of recovering from surgery, and hadn’t been on my PC – let alone done any game development – for the two weeks prior to the jam. That being said, I find game jams to be a great motivation to actually get a game made and out there, as otherwise projects just sit unfinished and unreleased. Because my health wasn’t […]


Delving into Unreal Engine

10th August 2019

This month I’ve delved back into using Unreal Engine. My UE4 journey began back at the start of the year, when I was keen to expand my game dev experience beyond Unity and C#. Unreal is known for being an incredibly powerful engine, and C++, alongside C#, is a much-valued language when it comes to OOP. I began my learning by following the Unreal Engine C++ Developer course by GameDev.TV, which gave me a great […]