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Entry: Ludum Dare 36: Day 2 Progress

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Ludum Dare 36: Day 2 Progress

28th August 2016

We managed to make some good progress on our game today. The screenshot above, taken by my brother earlier on this afternoon, shows the state our game was in, and we have since made further developments.

Main points of development for today were:

  • Adding floor and ceiling tiles, as well as four new types of cell/tile for the game;
  • Adding the standard ‘sandstone’ texture to all of the cells/tiles;
  • Creating a background texture which has been tiled to produce the background;
  • Creating boulder spawners, which are essentially holes in the back wall which boulders pop out of;
  • Producing little pedestals with jugs on, which, once a boulder drops in, lower into the floor, a new boulder then spawning;
  • Creating a win screen once all pedestals have been lowered;
  • Attaching a user interface to the left-hand side, with a timer, an indication of how many pedestals have been lowered, and general instructions for how to play;
  • Coming up with a name for our game! My brother jokingly called it ‘Ball-o-rama’, then I exclaimed ‘Boulderama!’, which he initially complained about on the grounds that it actually sounds like a half-decent name for a game, the name then sticking.

We have one more day in which to finish our game, which should just involve touching up the sprites, as well as recording some undoubtedly amusing SFX for the game. I am well known for recording my own sounds for my games ‘a capella’, so expect some great boulder rolling sounds, etc.