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Ludum Dare 36: The Concept

27th August 2016

Coming up with an idea that both my brother and I agreed on was more difficult than I thought it would be. Part of the problem lies in our differing levels of ambition: as I am still relatively new to game development, I prefer to go with simple ideas, and am suitably happy if I’m […]

Ludum Dare 36: The Theme

27th August 2016

Ludum Dare 36 has started, and the theme for the event has been revealed as Ancient Technology. In the final round of theme voting I was positive about this theme, despite not having any particular ideas for games I could make. Now it’s here and I’m not entirely sure what to do… I’ll be working […]

Ludum Dare 36: Aspirations

20th August 2016

Next weekend (August 26th-29th) is Ludum Dare 36. After missing Ludum Dare 35 due to being busy, I’m hoping to participate this time around. I haven’t made a game properly since my Ludum Dare 34 entry, Snake (see below), which I made last December, so I’ll need to refresh my memory a bit in preparation. […]