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Ludum Dare 39: The Theme and the Concept

30th July 2017

The joy of working as a teacher and having such a long summer holiday is that I’m guaranteed to be able to participate in at least one Ludum Dare game jam each year […]

Ludum Dare 36: Artwork

30th August 2016

Usually when I make a game I work solo, meaning that I have to do everything myself, including writing code, drawing sprites, creating animations, and recording sound effects […]

Ludum Dare 36: The Finished Game

30th August 2016

The Ludum Dare 36 game jam ended last night. My brother and I didn’t have a particularly productive third day, but managed to get our game to a point where we were happy with it […]

Ludum Dare 36: Day 2 Progress

28th August 2016

We managed to make some good progress on our game today. The screenshot above, taken by my brother earlier on this afternoon, shows the state our game was in, and we have since made further developments. Main points of development for today were: Adding floor and ceiling tiles, as well as four new types of […]

Ludum Dare 36: Day 1 Progress

27th August 2016

Today was quite a slow day in terms of productivity, largely not helped by the fact that we didn’t decide on our final idea until around midday, also not aided by difficulties we had syncing the files we shared on the cloud. However, the picture above shows the progress we’ve made so far. The main […]