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Ludum Dare 42: Petris

20th August 2018

Ludum Dare 42 took place just over a week ago. I’ve been on quite a roll regarding game development over the past few months, having already participated in two game jams […]

Unity Course Community Jam – Player Ship Model

14th February 2018

Although the game I’m creating for the Unity Course Community Jam is inherently 2D in nature, having a fixed, orthographic camera, I wanted to include 3D models […]

Unity Course Community Jam – Game Mechanic

4th February 2018

I’m currently participating in the Unity Course Community Jam, a 17-day-long game jam aimed at people who are taking the Complete C# Unity Developer course on Udemy […]

Ludum Dare 40: Speed Skier

18th December 2017

Ludum Dare 40 took place at the beginning of the month. Having only recently really gotten back into game development, I felt in a good place to participate on my own […]

Ludum Dare 39: The Theme and the Concept

30th July 2017

The joy of working as a teacher and having such a long summer holiday is that I’m guaranteed to be able to participate in at least one Ludum Dare game jam each year […]